Travel Back Office System

Introducing Mercury Office.

Ease Technology are proud of our Travel Back Office System, Mercury Office.

When designing the system we felt that it was important to look at the travel back office systems our competitors had written, and ensure that Mercury Office was well ahead of them. We are a small company, with much smaller marketing funds that our competition, so we try to score points ahead of them by building our reputation on quality, and personal service. So we were determined to make our travel back office system increase this reputation.

One of the biggest ways we did this was to make it simple and easy to use, while capturing enough information to give very powerful reports on the admin side. Mercury Office can be used to the depth that is required for your agency. If you choose to use all it's features as designed, the reporting you get back will save you time and make managing your agency so much easier. Whereas if you prefer to use your travel back office system to simply record bookings and manage files, tickets, payments etc, Mercury Office can do this too.

Secondly, we decided to make Mercury Office flexible. We at Ease Technology do not believe that one size fits all, and for all our products, we design them ready to be tailored into to your agency. This means that Mercury Office will be your very own travel back office system and we will make changes, tweak features, and create reports as you need them, to help your business.

Finally, we designed the whole system, with a real travel agency. We listened to the staff, listened to the management, and over the years have continually made changes and improvements. We also added clever features, such as the CRM module for automatically generatic emails and letters for you clients, or an SMS module that sends out multiple text messages to your clients.

Mercury Office really is a premium travel back office system with features that are sure to impress you, and a price that will amaze you.

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