Be Unique and Find Success In Your Travel Website

In this time of economic difficulty, many business managers feel that a website is a sound investment to secure their company. In many ways they are right! A website does open up a new, very large arena of distribution for your products. You can reach customers all over the country/world, that would never have visited your shop nor heard about you if it wasn't for your website.


However it's important to remember that your website is not going to earn you millions overnight unless you have the right plan. Launching a website is not an instant access to money, managing itself and just letting you reap the rewards. Rather, it's simply another arm to your business, or another branch. It requires the same consideration as the rest of your business.


Taking our most common type of website as an example, a travel website. Travel agents rightly feel that they need a website for their business. This is very true, but it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a new bookable travel website will simply launch, and make bookings and profit. Unfortunately it doesn't work out that easily. They do require similar resource and planning as opening a new travel agency branch (although definitely not as much).


Probably the most important, and in my experience the most neglected consideration is how to make your website unique. Ask yourself the most important question of all;


Why should someone visit and book an my website instead of my competitors?


Almost everything else hangs off the answer to this question. The answer will dictate the design of the website, the domain, the features of the website, if it's a bookable travel website it will influence the suppliers you work with and it will also affect your budget. It is the first question you should ask yourself and the answer has to be well thought out. It's also the same question you'd be asking if you were opening a new travel shop. Why would someone walk into your shop and not your competitors?


For example, you may answer that you're unique because you'll be cheaper, that would mean you'd design the site to look like a bargain style website rather than a luxury expensive looking website. It might mean you'll be choosing suppliers that are smaller and more competitive, perhaps allowing the to upload their stock directly into your website. It might mean you'll need a facility to control pricing and stock quickly and in real time.


As another example, you may answer that you're unique because you specialize in a particular destination, say Cyprus. In that case, the design of your website will be heavily influenced by the colours and themes of Cyprus, using maps, beach pictures and other classic imagery that will immediately let visitors know what you're about. You'd choose a name to do with Cyprus like, You'd probably have a destinations and travel advice section to your website. Perhaps a blog updated with what's new and good for Cyprus.


So you can see that considering this question careful will influence everything about how your website is build and help you stand out from the crowd. But there is another benefit, a BIG one! The holy grail, being loved by Google!!


Google LOVE original and useful content. They will reward you for it with good rankings for keywords around your speciality. This is when you'll reap the rewards.


So think carefully over the answer to that question right from the beginning of your development and your site will be built to the right specification, with the right features, look and feel. Google will reward you. You'll have a clear direction for you website's growth, and you'll definitely reap the benefits.


Ease Technology can offer you help and advice and also discuss with you the considerations you should make about your new website. We also build our websites from scratch and as bespoke as you need it to be. We can meet any specification and any budget, and help you to have real success from your website. Contact us to discuss your new website today.