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Bespoke Web Development

Made To Measure Software

Why change your business
to fit your software,
when your software
can be made to fit your business?

Bespoke Web Development requires a real understanding of your business and the latest technology available. At Ease Technology we have many years of experience in web programming in a variety of technologies and techniques. We have used this knowledge to complete a wide variety of developments.

What we do


We will spend a lot of time talking to you about your requirements. You don't need to have all the answers as part of our job is to help you to understand how a bespoke development can help your business. When we got a real understanding of your requirements, we will begin to develop a specification and costing proposal.


After a full specification and proposal has been agreed, we begin our development. At this point both parties will be very clear on exactly what is involved in the development. We use milestones and branches to keep you continually up-to-date. This means if you have changes to make, we can react quickly.

Testing & Launch

We share the responsibility of testing. Of course we will run through the system with a microscope, but we do ask you to have a thorough look at all aspects of the development. There is even the option for a soft-launch. The launch process will be carried out seamlessly with as little detrimental impact on your business as possible.

What We Will Do … Here are something of the things we guarantee to do for you when you engage our services for your Bespoke Web Development


Before any software is designed we will take the time to listen to your needs


We will learn as much as we can about how your business works

Plan & Communicate

Planning is essential. We will communicate our ideas to ensure you know exactly what we're building


We can work to any budget and adjust a specification as required

Transparent Development

We use milestones and branches to let you see our development through each major step. We welcome your feedback throughout the process.


All web development projects will include training and ongoing support. We are dedicated to make our work a successful and useful addition to your business.

Benefits of Bespoke Web Development

Why change your business to fit your software, when your software can be made to fit your business? We will listen carefully to your requirements, to how your business works and make informed suggestions about how to get the software you need. If you're worried that bespoke software will be expenisive, ask us for a quotation, you may be surprised.

What You Need To Know

It's very simple. Our hourly rate is £50 per hour. Once we can create a specification that you are happy with, we will work out the time it will require to complete, and calculate the cost on that basis.

If you have a tight budget, let us know and we will develop a specification that will provide a solution and meet the budget.

We can also usually beat any quotation for like for like specifications

A Bespoke Web Development can be quite an undertaking, but will have real benefits to your buisness. We have a lot of experience in developing these projects and there is no doubt that it does require good communication with the client.

For this reason, we request a good point of contact for us to refer to with all our questions and requirements. This would need to be someone who can represent the company and give us feedback in a timely manner.

This is not mandatory, but will certainly help us complete your web development as closely to your requirements as possible

You may not know whether you need a web development. You may be undertaking a repetitive and time consuming task and not believe that it's possible for it to be automated. You may realise a development would help you, but are afraid of the cost.

Please contact us! In our experience, our clients are continually surprised at what we can achieve and how reasonable our pricing is. There's no obligation to find out, just get in touch