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Website Design - Non Bookable Travel Websites

Many think that if they are going to have a website for their travel agency they need to invest a large amount into a fully bookable travel website. While a bookable website can bring you a direct return on your investment, sometimes a good quality non-bookable website can be overlooked as an option. There are many advantages to choosing a non-bookable website. At Ease Technology we do not feel that a non-bookable website is a second grade website option just for those who can't afford the bookable option. We feel that if they are built well and to a high standard, a non-bookable website can be the best option for many agencies.

Why Choose Ease Technology

  • Better pricing than any competitor
  • Honest & impartial advice for your benefit
  • High quality design and build
  • Personal service and friendly staff
  • Ongoing support and fully managed hosting
  • Easy, low cost upgrade to a fully bookable website
  • Vast amount of experience in the travel industry

Quality Travel Offers Website Prices start from £99pm.

Perfect solution for start up travel agencies
Non-Bookable Travel Websites

Responsive Design

Your website will look good on any screen size. Whether viewing your website on a desktop computer or a mobile phone, your customers will find your website attractive and easy to use.

Destination Content

Improve your SEO and give your customers useful information with our destination content plug in. All the content is updated regularly and makes your website look even more professional.

Special Offers Plugin

Easily enter special offers into your administration section, for any product and have them display attractively all over your site. Calls to action will motivate customers to make enquiries. All special offer pages are optimised for Google.

Advantages of a Non-Bookable Travel Website Find out if a Non-Bookable Travel Website is right for your business.

Low Cost

The most obvious advantage for choosing a non-bookable travel website over a bookable website is the much lower cost. Both the setup/build cost and monthly hosting/support costs are lower. This is quite simply because a fully bookable website is much more complex. Therefore, for those travel agencies that are looking to get themselves online for the first time, or need to improve on an old ugly website that's been neglected, but don't have a very large budget, a non-bookable website is the right choice.

Get Seen

If you do not have an existing website for your travel agency or are buying a new domain, you will always need to go through Google sandboxing. This is a period of time, usually 6 months, during which Google will not include you in their results pages. So for 6 months at least, your are unlikely to get many customers making booking on your website. Choosing a non-bookable option will establish your website and domain with Google and in the meantime, your costs are kept to a minimum.

Easy Upgrade to Bookable

By ordering a non-bookable travel website with Ease Technology, you will always have the option to transform it into a bookable website. Many other companies will force you to surrender your existing site and pay for a completely new development. However, as we build our websites from scratch, we do not need to do this. You can consider a non-bookable website from Ease Technology as a simply the first stepping stone onto a bookable website in the future

Make Informed Investment

Your non-bookable travel website will come with Google Analytics pre-installed. This means you'll have access to a host of website analysis reports and tools that will tell you how customers are finding your website and what they look at. This will be an excellent guide for you to decide when to upgrade to a fully bookable travel website and how to go about it.

Quicker Build

A non-bookable website is a much easier website to build than a fully-bookable website which is not only reflected in the cost, but also in the development time. By choosing a non-bookable travel website, you can be up and running in under 4 weeks.

Make A Good Start

If you don't already have an established website, it can be hard to decide which website features you should invest in when ordering a bookable website. There is risk in adding an expensive feature that doesn't pay off. With a non-bookable site, developments are a lower cost, so you can try and change things and keep just what works.

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