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Travel Agency Database - Mercury Office

Mercury Office

Mercury Office is a highly sophisticated travel agency database designed from the ground up with the travel agent in mind.

Front office staff will find it effortlessly easy to create booking files for customers, keep track of payments and send welcome home letters. Meanwhile, back office staff can manage supplier payments, bank reconciliation, staff salaries, and company profitability.

One of the best features of Mercury Office is that it's completely web-based making it accessible from anywhere in the world and means your data is safe and secure in every circumstance.

Quick & Easy for Front Office Staff

Developed with real front office travel agents, each part of Mercury has been carefully designed to make it easy to use.

Powerful and versatile for Back Office Administrators.

With a comprehensive reporting engine, back office administrators will be able to find all the facilities they need from reconciliation to supplier payments

Web-based for convenience and security.

Mercury Office is entirely web based which means all your data is held on secure servers. You can also access Mercury from anywhere, whether working from a home office or checking in while on holiday.

Mercury Office 2.0 is here

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More Features

Accessible from anywhere

Mercury is completely web-based. This means that it can be accessed from any internet enabled device. So you can be on holiday and still check in to see activity in the office.

Powerful reporting

Many reports come as standard, but new reports more tailored to your individual business can be requested. Alternatively, design and save your own reports with the very powerful and easy to use, dynamic reporting tool.

All reports can be customised to give you the most useful view of your data. New reports are being added all the time and you will be given these reports for free.

Synchronise multiple branches

Extend Mercury to multiple branches, with all data being synchronised accross branches. Effectively, this means you can view reports on multiple branch activity, or zoom in to branch, agent, even right down to individual files.

Manage customer and supplier payments

Mercury can give you accurate reports on balances outstanding from customers as well as payments due to your suppliers. Use Mercury's back office capabilities to get a true picture of all agency finances.

Mercury Office now includes a bank reconciliation report which will completes the full management of your travel office accounting. There are also features for staff salary reports and a Timekeeper report.

Automatic backups

Mercury is completely secure, and at no point can your data be compromised. Extra security is available on request to give you even more peace of mind. Mercury backs up all your data automatically to three different locations in the early hours of the morning. You can also ask Mercury to provide you with a backup.

Alerts customer via mobile SMS

Mercury comes with many tools as standard. These are to help you organise your business, such as the phone messages tool, and the to-do-list, and also to help you manage youre customer relationships with a mail merge mail shot campaign, or even an SMS marketing campaign. You can ask Mercury to email a client their receipt, SMS a client with information, or automatically create print ready letters to clients, such as 'Welcome Home' letters

Accessible via mobile phone

Mobile portals to Mercury are available to make Mercury even more accessible. See individual files and itineraries and also reports via your mobile phone.

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