Mercury Office - The complete travel office solution

The first and most important software for any travel office is a front office system.  Often referred to as a 'database system', every travel agency needs to record customers' details and details of their travel booking.

Nowadays, there are many of these systems to choose from, and most have been around for a long time.  We developed Mercury later than most of the common systems, so that we could see where they fail, and we could improve.  We are also unique in being a travel technology company with real travel agency experience.  This means we know exactly what a travel agency needs from their system.

Here are the just a few key areas of Mercury Office that make it unique to any other on the market;

  • Accessible From Anywhere

    Mercury Office is completely internet based and can be accessed from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. This means one system can be used for multiple offices (keeping client and booking data synchronised). It also means manager can keep track of a branch performance remotely.

  • Secure Data

    Being internet based actually makes your data more secure than if it was residing on a computer in your office. While your data in the office could be stolen, Mercury Office keeps your data on a bomb proof secure server bank. While your date in the office could be lost by a virus or the hard disk of the computer failing, Mercury Office data is firewalled, and backed up automatically to two other locations. While you have to have an expensive intranet network set up and working to share data in your office, Mercury Office only needs an internet connection to share the data across multiple offices.

  • Mobile Phone Connectivity

    Mercury Office can even be used over your mobile phone and you don't need the latest phone to use it. You can access reports, and keep track of your branches performance literally from anywhere using your mobile phone.

  • Tested As Easy To Use

    No theory was used when designing Mercury Office, we watched real travel agents working from day to day, and continually asked them questions throughout the entire design to make sure Mercury was designed with the travel agent in mind. Over the years it has been continually updated and improved to increase ease of use, travel agent logic, and overall user friendliness.

  • Plugs Into Your Bookable Website

    If you are running a bookable website, Mercury Office can plug straight into it, and all your bookings will drop straight in. This will obviously work best if you order your website from Ease, but we have also developed interfaces to any website.

  • Bring Over Existing Data

    We know that some agencies can be apprehensive about switching their office database system because they feel the change will be too difficult. So we work hard to make this transition as easy as possible, including training your staff, and bringing over data from your existing system, including customer data.

  • Low Cost

    Considering just these few features, and the typical prices our competitors quote for their products, you may expect Mercury to be expensive. Far from it, call us for your personalised quotation and we guarantee you'll be impressed.