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Travel Agency Tailor Making - Midas


Midas is a highly sophisticated tailor making system designed with the travel agent in mind. Midas allows you to perform a search across multiple travel suppliers, package components together into a shopping basket, and book the components with ease.

Particularly impressive features include; on the fly searching, piece by piece packaging, quick search, and ready made package holiday search with simultaneous dynamic packaging.

Full Tailor Making

With one search to your favourite suppliers you can combine all travel components together in turn, to tailor make your client's travel arrangements.

Inline Package Comparison

Search for traditional packages from any operator and Midas will try to create the same package using your specialist suppliers. This happens automatically.

Fully Bookable & Syncs with Mercury Office

Go all the way through to booking your components and take payment from any online payment gateway. Midas even creates a file and payment record automatically in Mercury Office.

More Features

Search and Book Tailor-Making

Not just another dynamic packaging system - Midas is designed completely with the travel agent in mind. The simple, but powerful, search features allow you to pick packages and components in easy stages and book them all in one step.

Searches multiple suppliers at once

Midas connects to numerous suppliers at once for flights, accommodation and car hire, with more being added constantly. Search low cost flights, consolidated fares and charters all at once. A full list of suppliers is available on request.

Easy booking with shopping basket

Add items into your shopping basket with one click, throughout the search process and build up your itinerary with ease.

Operator package search and viewdata

Search for packages through Midas and choose to connect to viewdata if you wish.

Quick comparison of operator package price and tailor-made price

If you find an operator package of interest and decide to look at more details, Midas will show a brochure like image and description of the package (when available) but will also automatically search all your XML suppliers to build the same package. If it can't do this, it will try to offer comparable packages.

Quick Search

Midas offers three search types to meet all the needs of the typical travel agent. One of these is the quick search. This is useful for those times when you want to see results for all components at once, perhaps for a customer in a rush, or with very simple requirements.

Upsell Price Grid

Accommodation results are displayed in a grid format of room type against board. This is designed to make it easy for agents to upsell on room or board for any given accommodation.

Want To Find Out More

If you'd like to learn more about what Midas can do for your travel agency, please just contact us and we'll be happy to help you.