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A Bookable Travel Website is one of the best investments any travel agency can make. It can lead to very high profits, from very little resource and investment when compared to opening and managing a new branch. It gives you flexibility to grow and develop your business while the costs stay the same.

In this time of economic difficulty, many business managers feel that a website is a sound investment to secure their company. In many ways they are right! A website does open up a new, very large arena of distribution for your products. You can reach customers all over the country/world, that would never have visited your shop nor heard about you if it wasn't for your website.

When ordering a travel website one of the most important decisions you will need to make is whether to make you website bookable. It may seem that the obvious answer is, if you can afford it go for a bookable travel website, and if you can't afford it, don't. This is a common misconception, and there is a lot more to consider when making this decision other than your budget.

Many travel technology companies are now offering free bookable travel websites. This sounds like a great deal, to good to be true, after all something for nothing can't be bad. But there's a catch.... a big catch!

There are many myths about websites that may be putting some people and businesses off having one. Below are just a few of the myths we've heard before, and reasons why these shouldn't put you off.

It's getting easier than ever to connect to the internet and to start browing websites. There are also now more and more people that are technology savy, and browse the internet on a regular basis.