Do I need a Website?

It's getting easier than ever to connect to the internet and to start browing websites. There are also now more and more people that are technology savy, and browse the internet on a regular basis.

For this reason it's more important than ever for any business of any type to have a website. By having a website you are reaching your two types of customers;

  • Potential Customers:

    These are customers that will be able to find your business once you have a website. Most likely, they'll find your website through a search engine, and contact you using the details on your website. Or if you have and e-commerce website, they may buy your product or service through your site.

    Potential customers may also be those that have had your business recommended and are using your website to research your business and find out more about you.

  • Existing Customers:

    Your existing customers may refer to your website to understand all the products and services you offer, or remind themselves or your contact details.

It's also very important for your business to have a website to ensure you don't allow your competitors to gain an advantage. When your existing or potential customers are looking for you online, if you don't have a website they are more likely to come across your competitors website.

These are the most fundamental reasons for all business needing a website. So why are there still business that haven't got a website? Please read the article Myths About Websites!